You and zustin are my Queens!! I love y'all 😘

oh my god thank you!!!!

  1. justinchrists said: it must be .mov use formatfactory (i guess thats the name) cause its the only one that keeps it hd
  2. zaeynmalik said: Change it to mov

thanks :)

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please give me the link i've been following you forever i have always been with you

:))))) im on my phone so go on torrentz and search justin biebers believe there should be like 3 links so pick one

*puts gun to your head* give me the link NOW

naaaah bruh this is ruuuude :)

someone explain to me why cant i import certain mp4 filles in photoshop and it says that the movie could not be open bc im going insane

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i found 2 downloand links for believe movie and they both in hd and neither of them works on photoshop

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confident will always slay every other song

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"dont believe anything negative that you read about me on tmz" oh justin im laughing

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